Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions (and answers), to help you get a better idea of how Gandalf works. If you'd like us to contact you to discuss the possibilities further, please send us an email.

Q. I am not a computer expert! Will I be able to use GandalfWeb?

A. You don't have to be an expert to create a website using GandalfWeb. However, if you've never used a computer before except to make the occasional internet purchase you might need a little help from a more geeky friend!

Nevertheless it is pretty easy. If you're used to word-processors (e.g. Microsoft Word) and emailing, and have done a bit of web-surfing you should be OK (and there's a built-in tutorial that will cover most of your queries).

Can You Do It For Me?

If you like the look of GandalfWeb sites but really don't have the time, or perhaps the inclination, to create one yourself, why not use our Bespoke (We-Do-It-For-You) Service. Just check out the style samples in the catalogue and get in touch with us to discuss your requirements.

Q. Do I need to know HTML to build a GandalfWeb site?

A. Absolutely not! Some online website builders expect you to understand HTML (hyper-text markup language) but not GandalfWeb. In fact, for security reasons GandalfWeb will not even allow you to use it.

Q. Why does it say, 'Powered by GandalfWeb' at the bottom of this website?

A. It means that this website is itself a GandalfWeb site! We use the same technology for building and maintaining our own websites as we make available to everyone else, and since we use it ourselves you can rely on our getting it right.

However, please remember that anyone can put 'Powered by GandalfWeb' on their web-pages, even when they're not, so this does not necessarily guarantee authenticity.

Q. Will Gandalfweb sites work on all browsers?

Gandalfweb sites will work correctly on all browsers that conform to the relevant internationally agreed standards (W3C). One of the most standards-conformant browsers is Firefox. It is also more secure than some more popular browsers, and if you have a choice we would recommend that you use it.

Some browsers do not altogether conform to the recognised standards and some contain 'bugs' that make their behaviour unpredictable. We do our best to ensure that GandalfWeb sites will even work on these browsers, but we cannot give a cast-iron guarantee.

All GandalfWeb sites have been tested on current versions of Internet Explorer (version 7), Firefox (version 2), Opera (version 9), and Konqueror, using Windows XP, Windows Vista, Mac OS 9, and/or Linux, as appropriate.

Q. What is an 'add-on'? I have heard of 'plug-ins': are they the same thing?

A. An 'add-on' is simply an optional GandalfWeb feature incorporated into a webpage. Typically, add-ons are used to provide specialised functions (often using a database) such as events diaries, picture galleries, member lists, etc.

Add-ons have nothing to do with plug-ins, which are special programs downloaded to your computer to extend the capabilities of your bowser. Add-ons are part of your website and so are not downloaded to your computer. This makes GandalfWeb sites intrinsically more secure than many other CMS-enabled websites.

Q. What are the payment options?

A. For a DIY site you pay through PayPal, using your credit or debit card or your PayPal account (if you have one). For bespoke sites you can either pay the same way or by cheque.

Q. Are there any rules for website content?

A. We value the reputation of GandalfWeb as a brand that can be trusted. All GandalfWeb sites must therefore be suitable for general viewing, and we reserve the right to close down any site that in our judgment fails this test or is gratuitously offensive. However, it is not practicable for us to monitor every GandalfWeb site every time it is updated, so feel free to let us know if you come across one that is not acceptable.

Q. How do backups work?

There are two kinds of backup. The first is our 'system-wide' backup, under which all websites and databases are backed up off-site every night. This means that even in the unlikely event of a total system failure we are able to reinstate everything as it was at the end of the previous day.

In addition to the system-wide backup, every webmaster (that's you) can backup his or her website content whenever required (a maximum of one backup per day). This allows you to save different versions as backups, and to revert to any previous version should you need to. All it takes is a mouse click!