With Gandalfweb you can easily create your own professional-standard customisable website!

Bespoke or DIY—either way you get a fully CMS-enabled website that you can update yourself. Change text, images, mailing lists, events diaries, and much more, whenever you want, as often as you want. And GandalfWeb's CMS technology doesn't use proprietary browser features, so it works with all browsers. It's affordable and reliable, and creates the most standards-conformant websites you're likely to find anywhere.

What is a CMS Website?

A CMS (Content-Management-System) website allows you to change its content whenever you wish. With CMS your site need never be out of date because you can change it whenever your products or services change, and you save money because you don't have to get an expert to make the changes for you.

GandalfWeb gives you a choice of CMS-enabled websites—DIY and bespoke, so you can use GandalfWeb's CMS features to customise your own site or get us to do it for you.

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So what's special about GandalfWeb CMS?

GandalfWeb gives you much more than an ordinary CMS site. Not only can you change the text and pictures, but you can also redesign the banner, change the name of the site, alter the colours and line-spacing and generally change the look and feel of your website. It even provides all the following features as standard:

  • Events Diary
  • Products or Services Listing
  • Downloads Page
  • Advertisement Centre
  • Contact Form
  • Mailing Lists Management Centre

And still more features are available with our bespoke websites!

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